We remove aquatic weeds from your lakes, rivers, marinas, and waterways with our state-of-the-art harvesters.

All our machines use environmentally safe non-toxic hydraulic fluids to protect your lake from spills and chemicals.
Harvesting promotes a healthy environment for fish by preventing oxygen depravation caused by plant life overgrowth.

Immediate & Noticeable Results

The Benefits of Mechanical Harvesting vs Chemical Herbicides

Chemical herbicides can be expensive, ineffective, and damaging to the environment, often causing additional problems and side-effects. Mechanical harvesting is better for the environment, immediately effective, and easier for you!

No Excess Biomass

Chemical herbicides may kill the plants, but they leave dead plant matter floating around in the water. These dead plants can release nitrogen and phosphorous as they decay, causing an unbalanced ecosystem that makes your lake vulnerable to invasive species and a vicious cycle of water weed invasions. Mechanical harvesting removes the dead plant matter from the lake, leaving only healthy plants and balanced nutrient levels.

Better for Fish & Lakes

The excess biomass left over from herbicides can suck nutrients and oxygen out of the water, contributing to fish die-offs and harming other aquatic life. Plus, all that extra plant matter eventually decays, which leads to mucky lakebeds and poor conditions for fish spawning beds. Mechanical harvesting removes the plant matter before it can begin to decay and wreak havoc on the lake or river and all the aquatic animals who live there.

No Leftover Seeds

Chemical herbicides may kill the plants, but leaves behind biomass with seeds and plant fragments. These leftover seeds can spread and start growing new aquatic plants, making your water weed problem worse with every treatment. Mechanical harvesting removes the biomass and the leftover seeds, slowing weed regrowth and maintaining healthy, natural levels of necessary plant life like Eurasian Watermilfoil and Coontail, which provides food and shelter for young fish.

Keeps the Water Safe

Even if they’re legal, are these chemical herbicides safe, and are they being applied correctly and at the correct dosage? Many chemicals used are going to be toxic for fish and other animals. Additionally, treated water is not safe to use for 10 to 90 days after treatment. It cannot be used for swimming, drinking, irrigation, watering animals, or fish farming. Our weed harvesting preserves these natural resources so that everyone can enjoy them (without the waiting period.)