Aquatic Weed Removal

A family-owned Aquatic Plant Harvesting company specializing in chemical-free weed removal from your lakes, rivers, ponds, harbors, marinas, and other waterways.

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Lake Monster Harvesters specializes in removing weeds from your waterways. We’re a family-owned company servicing both commercial and residential areas in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Chemical-free weed removal benefits both you and the environment in lots of ways! These are just a few:

More Room for Fun

Overgrowth of plants and weeds can make it hard to enjoy your favorite activities in and around the water. Weed removal leaves you more room for swimming, boating, fishing, and summer fun.

Picture-Perfect Water

Excessive weed or algae growth can make your water look sickly green, smell bad, or appear murky and thick. Some vegetation is even toxic to humans. Weed removal will keep your backyard view looking beautiful and healthy.

Prevent Future Issues

Removing aquatic weeds from the lake can prevent them from reproducing through fragmentation, leading to more weed growth over time, and giving harmful or invasive vegetation a chance to spread.

Avoid Fish Kills

Too much plant life can suck the oxygen and other nutrients out of the water, which can kill off bigger fish and wreak havoc on the ecosystem. Plus, you’ll have to deal with the dead fish floating up on shore.

Less Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes love big bodies of water, but they are especially drawn to water with more vegetation in it. Mosquitoes are annoying, but they can also carry dangerous diseases like West Nile, Zika, or Dog Heartworm.

No Flooding

Letting excessive vegetation build up can displace a lot of water, blocking normal pathways for runoff and rainwater. This can cause flooding on your roadways or in residential areas, and leave mud everywhere.

We service Illinois and Wisconsin area lakes, rivers, and waterways.

Including Fox Lake and the Fox River!

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